We build on top of IOTA

Welcome to the IOTA+ website. At IOTA+ we build on top of IOTA, a fast growing and technically innovative cryptocurrency network and ecosystem. Recent development in IOTA have opened up amazing possibilities for building new businesses. At heart, IOTA provides a worldwide network that can handle transactions of many types, quickly and securely. What is more, though it does not use blockchain, any transaction can be trusted once it is registered on the network.

The team behind IOTA+ have always been great supporters of IOTA. They saw that IOTA will soon launch ‘colored coins’, Non Fungible Tokens, and Smart Contracts, all secured by the IOTA network. That opened up a world of possibilities. As they are gamers, they immediately saw the opportunities presented by the technology for applications in gaming.

The first experience that Gamers get of the exciting new World being offered by the IOTA+ team will be at GameHub, the portal that will give them access to IOTA World, and later to many more games from third party developers. 

Gamers will be very quick to see the advantages of IOTA GameHub and the games on it because of many concepts made possible by the innovative IEXP utility token.

IOTA World for Gamers
This will be the first game to use the new IEXP utility tokens in a game context. It is being produced by the IOTA+ team in order to demonstrate the potential to both Gamers and Game Developers.

There is a great deal of information on this site relating to the Initial Color Coin Offering of the utlity token IEXP that is proposed. The pre-ICCO fundraising was already succesfully ended and the ICCO started.  The formal document that relates to the ICCO is the Whitepaper.