We build applications on top of IOTA


IOTA is the most updated form of cryptocurrency that focuses on M2M (Machine-2-Machine) transactions. It is a vital instrument for catering the requirements of machine economy by allowing feeless M2M payments. It is a step up from blockchain technology by providing a complete ecosystem extracted from blockless blockchain. The IOTA mobile wallets are revolutionary that involve transaction costs, infinite scalability, as well as the ability to do offline transactions. Since IOTA is also one of the top gaming cryptocurrencies, you can earn regular incentives through IOTA referral earning program. Other perks of this kind of wallet have been listed here. If you need any more information or have queries for our products, please get in touch with us.


IOTA+ alpha App (Top Gaming Crypto Currency) for Referral Earning Program

It will be released in December 2018 for Android and iOS.



Earn IOTA by playing games & watching ads.

Invite friends and earn 10% of his income, and 10% of the income of his friends.



Enjoy 100% privacy and anonymity.

Send messages over the cuantum secure IOTA tangle.

Make transactions in the IOTA Chat.

IOTA Wallet

IOTA Wallet

Store your IOTA and check your balance.

Send IOTA to other users or to any Wallet you want.

IOTA Mobile Wallet

  • Win a game and earn IOTA tokens
  • Watch advertisement to earn IOTA
  • Referral program to multiply your earnings passively
  • Store IOTA and make transactions
  • 100% Privacy because of the peer to peer quantum secure IOTA Chat


IOTA+ alpha for Android & Iphone iOS