IOTA+ beta

The First Decentralized Social Network has been born!


The IOTA+ beta version will be released in January 2019.

IOTA+ & IOTA Data Marketplace

Would you like to monetize your own data and media?
The IOTA+ beta app will provide several features which will connect you to the IOTA Data Marketplace for the trade of data including gender, age, interests, pictures, text, GPS Information, battery level, my installed app list, e-mail address, and much more.
Get the Control Back!
The big players like Google and Facebook collect your data and sell it. They sell your private data and earn a huge profit in the form of publishing advertisements for the companies.
In IOTA+ Beta, you will choose the data which you want to share or monetize. In the IOTA+ Beta app, you can change the settings for each of your data on the base of its nature such as private, published or monetized data.



Data Streaming

IOTA+ alpha has been released and now we are planning to add great features in terms of developing a connection to the IOTA Data Marketplace.


More about IOTA Data Marketplace


Masked Authenticated Messaging

The use of keyword is enabled to get a step closer to the second milestone in the form of Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM). It is a second layered data communication protocol for IOTA which adds a function to access an encrypted data stream, like movies, over the Tangle.

Any user will be able to sell his/her content in the form of a stream like text, movie, music or live cam.
IOTA+ Beta will allow artists to monetize their content on the phone by using the app.
The readers of a book, for example, will pay on the base of time they spend on reading or pages they read.
It also has benefit for the consumers as they will pay for what they use. They will pay as much as they can afford to pay. Let us take an example of a movie, If the movie bores them after some time like 1 hour, then there will pay for only 1 hour apart from paying for the full movie. The same for PDF files, music, books, and other such files or data.


More about MAM

Level and Upgrades

In the IOTA+ alpha app you can collect already Experience Points just by spinning a wheel.

In the IOTA+ beta version you can level up with these. By reaching a specific amount of experience points you will reach a higher level.

By collecting experience points and leveling up you will get very special UPGRADES FOR FREE.

This means you will be able to gererate a much higher income by gaming and also passively.


The Upgrades will be able to trade peer to peer 100% dezentralized over the IOTA Data Marketplace as a Asset.


EARN UP Upgrade:

The first upgrade ever is mightfull


Get 10% more income by gaming or watching advertisements.

It is a very powerfull Upgrade and can grow your income by 10%

You double your earnings when you have 10 EARN UPs.

You can have more EARN UPs than 10 but it will not generate more income by playing.

In beta version you will be able to sell and buy a lot usefull assets inclusive your limited EARN UP Upgrades.

There will never be more EARN UPs than now exist.


50% Sale  – For Early Investors

Launch of the IOTA+ alpha version

The IOTA+ alpha version is going to be launched in December, 2018, after which the launch of the beta version would follow.

The IOTA+ app is going to be available for download and use on the Android and iOS.

Don’t forget: In beta version you can trade Upgrades over the IOTA Data Marketplace!

What are you waiting for? anticipate!