Games Developers are always looking for a new way to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Players can be fickle, moving around as soon as they lose interest. IOTA GameHub, and its ecosystem using the utility token IOTA Experience Points (IEXP), will prove very tempting. In particular, it is believed that Developers will be attracted by a growing number of players who like the idea of using IEXPs within and between games. There are also associated opportunities to grow income substantially with Non Fungible Tokens, paid for with IEXPs and registered on the IOTA network. The diagram below should help to explain this further. There are also a separate diagram nearby on how this all looks to Players.

How Game Developers start with IEXPs

Some examples here may help.
  • A new player enters the game. They do not have any IEXPs, and have probably never heard of them. They achieve success in some element of the game (e.g. a high score) and they are rewarded with an item – a trumpet, for example (in game). Later they discover that trumpets are in demand by other players and that they can trade them in the game. Somebody offers to buy their trumpet for a number of IEXPs. They accept, and they are now an IEXP holder. Indeed, over time, they build up quite a lot of IEXPs and they learn how to trade them, take them to another game, and even cash them out.
  • A rich but lazier player enters the game, having purchased some IEXPs beforehand. They decide that they want a drum, so they buy one from the game itself, none being available for trade from another player. The Game Developer is now better off and can always trade IEXPs for IOTA (an established cryptocurrency) and then into old style money, should they so wish.
In the second example, the drum might actually be something of wider interest, for example an online artwork. That can be registered with the IOTA network as a Non Fungible Token and proof of ownership can be stored in the player’s own wallet. The possibilities are endless, and Games Developers are the right people to make amazing things happen. Nobody really knows where this leads. For example, if a game decides that it will only accept IEXP rather than credit card payments then it allows a parent to limit unexpected costs by pre-stocking a child’s wallet with IEXP – which may make the game popular with parents. Elsewhere, talented players may decide to focus on creating sellable items and build a business that way, supporting themselves and others wherever they live in the World.