Frequently asked questions

IMPORTANT. Iota-Plus is a project to create an ecosystem in which to use a new ‘utility token’ called IEXP. This is a ‘nft’ or a so called ‘colored coin’ within the IOTA 2.0 Cryptocurrency which will be probably released at Q4 2021 or Q1 2022. If you do not already understand these terms, do not consider investing here at any stage

A1. Your best starting place is the website, where there are descriptions of all important aspects of the project. There is also a Whitepaper, which is the more formal document that went to the Swiss financial authorities FINMA. You can see the latest version of the Whitepaper on the “main” channel on the IOTA+ Discord-Server, or it can be emailed to you. See below for information on how to join Discord.

A2. The founder and operator of the project is Marlon Morales, a Swiss citizen. The pre-ICO and ICO are taking place under Swiss law. He has been involved in Iota development for many years. His picture is on the website. His full name and address is in the Whitepaper that has gone to the Swiss Financial Authority, FINMA. It has also been given to members of the Iota Foundation and others. He keeps his personal address off public forums – for obvious reasons.

A3. We conduct the main fundraising to get the funds needed to create a company and to develope the IOTA GameHub and the IOTA World Game within the company. Forming such a company in Switzerland needs a high capitalisation. Marlon is a young developer. In his opinion the best way to raise enough funds to get things underway is an ICCO Utility Token Fundraising.

A4. At the pre-ICCO stage (i.e. now) the person responsible is Marlon Morales. He is the only person responsible for the solicitation, receipt, recording and safekeeping of IOTA received in payment for the later generated utility tokens IEXP. He issues certificates of ownership like a voucher in his own name. He has the help of other people but they are employed by him, they are not partners. Therefore their identities are irrelevant at this stage.

A5. While the ICCO, things will become more professional. A company will be formed and team members will be appointed and known to all. There will be a better website and the development will become of higher quality. Indeed, the whole point of the pre-ICCO was to have the money to build things in the right way.

A6. Investment at this stage is VERY risky. The project may not be successful for many reasons. The only people who should invest at this stage are those who know enough about the IOTA project v2 to understand both the risks of not succeding and the opportunities of the new IOTA GameHub. At the next stage, the ICCO, the project will be further advanced than it is now but still risky. That is why the notional discount at that stage is 75% as opposed to a 90% discount now. Such an investment should be seen as supporting the project and not as an lucrative investment.

A7. At the moment there are people helping Marlon in areas like graphic design, website creation, legal matters and so on. They are simply freelance employees retained by him, though. The person legally responsible for all matters is Marlon. That will change once the full ICCO fot the utility token IEXP starts.
There will be a new professional team working within a new company. At that stage you will know who the key developers and executives are.

A8. This is an invitation to join the Discord Group 
Note. In our experience Discord invites fail on some machines, but not others. If you have that difficulty, and you know the invite is recent, go (for example) to an IPAD rather than your MacBook and accept the invite. After that, you will be able to login on to the Discord channel on whichever machine you use.

A9. Nobody can tell you that. It depends upon a thousand different factors, for example, how other game developers respond to the opportunity of the IEXP utility token. The main goal is to create the GameHub and the IOTA World game where the IEXP utility tokens can be used.

A10. Yes your funds are to develope the IOTA GameHub, the IOTA World Game and to support and increase the ecosystem with new games. You receive a receipt which should be seen like a voucher for an utitily token which will be created later.

A12. The investor is, of course, free to share the conversation they had afterwards, if they wish, but Marlon cannot make that decision for them. Normally, details of personal informations, payment and so on are a private matter.

A13. If you are well informed about the project – you can use the contact form on the homepage to make a request or directly as a PM in twitter(@IotaPlus) or even in discord(mykarma#4885).
Discord and Whitepaper:

If you don’t see your question above, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.