At the moment, most gamers have little idea about cryptocurrencies, at least in the context of game playing. Gamers are, however, a very intelligent and quick learning group. They already spend a great deal of time thinking about how to maximise their returns, in the form of high scores or accumulation of in-game goods and services. Gamers will be very quick to see the advantages of IOTA GameHub and the games on it. The diagram that follows explains how Gamers are expected to experience the utility token IEXPs.

How Gamers see IEXP

(IOTA Experience Points)

Elsewhere on the site there is information about IOTA World, which will be the first game on the IOTA GameHub site. That has fuller descriptions of how Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) might be introduced within a game, as well as many other concepts made possible by the innovative IEXP utility token. There is also a separate section explaining how Games Developers will be able to work with IOTA GameHub as a platform.