IOTA World

IOTA World will be a fully working proof of concept of how a game will work on IOTA GameHub. It will demonstrate exactly how new Players will first encounter the IEXP utility token system, as well as how a typical Game Developer will integrate IEXP into their game. As shown below, a typical game will have its own internal trading system. In the case of IOTA World, players will be able to purchase, combine, or create things like chairs, cars, or even complete houses. They will be able to own land (as Non Fungible Tokens NFT) and mine valuable sources like metals or wood. In short, there will be things to buy and sell. The following diagram outlines how it works.

IOTA World development uses the game engine Unity to create a browser game. It uses several tools including Voxels (3D cubes) to mine materials and create new NFT objects. The landscape of rivers, trees, mountains and plains will have buildings and be populated by animals. Players will be able to build and furnish houses and create rich elements of their own choice.

There are similar land based platforms, for example, Decentraland. IOTA World seeks to add more interest by requiring land to be looked after, be that by mining, construction, farming or other method. Those who do not care for their land will find that others have come in and taken resources. It should therefore be a more dynamic and interesting environment. Also, it should be possible through effort to create a good level of in- game wealth that is transferable outside of the game when desired. Most competitor platforms are designed so that players lose their wealth when they leave for another game. The target audience is gamers who enjoy Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Harvest Moon, Anno1604. There is then a new audience of crypto enthusiasts, keen to not miss out on new developments.

Note. The game will have cheater prevention mechanisms to stop users teleporting within the game, or automatically farming the materials that they need. The number of accounts that one user can set up will also be limited.