Partner Program

Do you want to launch a new product, and you need a place to put your advertisement?

Our growing community will love to see your products. The IOTA+ Team will find a place for your advertisement on the homepage of the site or in the IOTA app.

Referral program

We offer a referral program for our IOTA+ Alpha app users to multiply their recent income in a passive manner.


Would you like to be an early investor? The shop will be opened soon for you to buy the first IOTA+ asset ever. It is a feature which will allow you to upgrade your IOTA+ beta account. You will be able to trade this asset in the market. The first ever asset is known as “EARN UP”. For your each owned asset, you earn 10% more by gaming. Only the first 10 EARN UPs will have an impact on your income. If you own more, you can trade them in the market. The amount of the EARN UP assets is limited to 500’000 pieces. The amount will not be increased. One EARN UP will be equal to just 50 cents in the Presale. Later, each EARN UP will be equal to 1USD in the in-App shop.


Do you have any good ideas? Do you need a similar app, homepage or something like that?

We can help you to run your project in a very professional way.

Our Advisors

We are gathering professionals from different industries who have enthusiasm for DLT and those who want to join or support our start-up project. These advisors will help the users by answering all of their questions in a professional manner. They will try to advise the users in a way which will be appropriate for both parties.


If you want to join us or you have a question in your mind, then you need to contact us via below form without any hesitation.

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