Iota+ has already raised initial capital (in the form of  100,000 MIOTA) in the fundraising process pre ICCO that ended in early June 2021 and took just a little over a month. It is now in the process of forming a Swiss company to develope the IOTA GameHub and the IOTA World Game with professional employees.

The Iota+ project is described elsewhere on this site. The funds raised will be used, in the first instance, to create the two major elements of the necessary infrastructure. Firstly, Iota GameHub, where people select between games that support the utility token IEXP and where they are able to exchange IOTA and IEXP. Secondly, Iota World, the pathfinder game that will demonstrate exactly how the IEXP token will work in a game environment. These two elements will then encourage other game developers to join Iota GameHub. Finally funds raised from the different ICCO Fundraisings will be used to fund the company as it grows the team who will create a thriving ecosystem.

This page explains why there is an opportunity for those who wish to take it. It is not without risk. There are many things that can go wrong between the plan and the execution, but if it works as planned then the potential is good. Here, in outline, is what the founders are trying to achieve.

Stage 1a. Paint IOTAs to create a utility token called IOTA Experience Points (IEXP). This will have the characteristic that the number initially created (10 billion – 10,000,000,000) is the total number that can ever exist. Nobody, not even the founders will be able to increase this total. The IEXP utility tokens will also have an exchange rate against the underlying Iota cryptocurrency (which is called Miota). That in turn has an absolutely fixed supply. In short, there can be no inflation within the system, no central bank can erode the value of ownership.

IMPORTANT. Although it is possible to create such a utility token on the IOTA 2.0 devnet, this is not yet released on the IOTA mainnet. This is expected late 2021, early 2022 but the timing is not certain. Delay is a real risk.

Stage 1b. Conduct an Initial Color Coin Offering – a means of crowdfunding the release of a utility token. This will be 15% of the total IEXP stock. You will also be able to take part of the Fundraising at a later stage if you would prefer, when risk is lower but so is the amount of the reserved IEXP.

Stage 2. Pre-opening selling. Once the platform is visible to other developers and the initial games can be showcased, there will be a third round of Fundraising. Again this is expected to be reserved 15% of the total IEXP utility token stock. At this point some 40% will have been reserved and the company will be well funded to ensure that the product is the greatest it can be. The cost to the investor (in Miota terms) might be expected to have risen once more.

Stage 3. Game players play and enjoy themselves. They learn about the utility token IEXP. Some create their own sellable assets, trade in IEXPs, and indeed start to treat game playing as a small business capable of generating significant wealth. The stock of IEXPs is absolutely limited, but the number of tradable assets is on a steep growth path. Internal inflation happens. IEXPs become more valuable.

Which Stage do you wish to become involved at? Please do your research properly and be sure to read all of this website, including all of the terms and disclaimers. Also ask for the Whitepaper, which is the document with the latest information. See the FAQ section for how to get this.