This page contains information about the fundraising of the IOTA+ project being conducted in Switzerland by IOTA+. While best efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, dates or details can only be provisional. Websites by their nature can contain errors and omissions. Definitive information is in the Whitepaper as issued at the time of the ICO. This information was last updated 12th June 2021.

At the time of writing, the pre-ICO fundraising (see below) is finished. As promised the company (IOTA+ AG) will soon be formed in Switzerland, and the official IOTA GameHub and IOTA World developement starts. The final version of the Whitepaper is almost finished for the ICO, which happen now as the pre-ICO is already complete. The full schedule, including the details of the offering are shown in the graphic below.

Roadmap to the ICO of IOTA Experience Points (IEXP)

(The fundraising is executed in Switzerland and under Swiss law)

At the moment intensive development work is already underway on IOTA World, which is the pilot game that will demonstrate the full power of the interaction of gaming and cryptocurrency. Please see elsewhere on this site for analysis of how the new ecosystem will be seen by Gamers and by Game Developers etc.