Marlon Morales, a Swiss citizen, is the founder of the IOTA+ venture. He has been active in the IOTA community for many years.

He laid the groundwork for the project as far back as 2019 when he impressed the community by demonstrating how IOTA could be used as a payment mechanism within games, whichever platform they were running on. At that time, IOTA’s cofounder, Dominik Schiener, praised the work that Marlon had done. 

It took considerable onward development, but that initial concept has now grown into the significant project described elsewhere in this document.

At this stage of the project, Marlon is the only person responsible for the solicitation,
receipt(voucher), recording and safekeeping of IOTA received by the frundraising processo.

He issues certificates of ownership like a voucher in his name.

As you can see from the depth of material on the website and elsewhere,Marlon has the support of a number of team members who help him with aspects such as graphic design, marketing communication, legal aspects, website maintenance and so on. Some of these IOTA+ supporters are listed below.

Marlon Morales
Founder IOTA+
  • IOTA Developer, C#, Python, Java
  • Game and App Developer
  • German, English, Spanish
Kay Friedrich

  • Designer
  • Marketing 
  • Java, js, C
  • MySQL, Influx, Mongo
Looking for: 
  • Rust
  • Web Developer
  • Experienced in IOTA