Data leak

We use our phone for much more than just making calls, like to take pictures, surfing, searching or just to open a social media platform.

You are producing millions of information while using your mobile device every day. For companies some of this information is interesting. If they know the interest of the users then they can get an idea to target the customers of their choice. This saves work and money.

The big players know how to use your information as they track it and then, sell it.

Later they show you the advertisement which is personalized on your consumption pattern.

With this information, you can generate the income BETWEEN 1000$ AND 2000$ with each account on a social media platform per year.

The social media companies, search machine, and other big players earn that money PER ACCOUNT BY SELLING YOUR INFORMATION.

How many Social media accounts do you have?

Multiply your lost money, which is at least 1000$ for one account, with the number of your social media accounts.

Actually, the situation is worse! The social media platform earns even double. The clients of the big players want to use this bought information. So, they pay again to get the advertisements displayed on the platform.

You don’t get money for your private information when they sell it after tracking it – and finally, you will watch the advertisements – but your social media provider gets the payment and not you.

We want to change that.




Your Data – Your Money!

Our goal is to connect our IOTA+ alpha app to the IOTA Data Marketplace.

The app will allow tracking & trading of your generated information in a direct manner. You will have control over the privacy of your information. You will publish this information for free and you will sell peer to peer data over the IOTA tangle technology.

This will eliminate the middleman and allow the users to sell their information.

Companies get the possibility to buy your legal Information from the IOTA+ beta users, maybe, cheaper, because the big players are out of the game!

One goal of the IOTA+ beta app is to give a user-friendly control on the own private information of users. It will also allow them to monetize their data and keep it secret.

To make trading possible, we implemented IOTA Wallet in this app which allows you to make transactions to your preferred user or IOTA Wallet for example Trinity. You are able to send IOTAs easily in the IOTA Chat. To get more information about the IOTA+ Chat tool just keep reading.

    Privacy loss

Communication has changed! We use chat apps instead of writing SMS.

The owner of the greatest chat app ever sold his app which was bought by the biggest player on social media.

The consequences are that each word, picture, and a file is not yours anymore on the social media. At the same moment, as you send a picture, you give the ownership of your information to that platform.

Obviously, your written text is not private anymore.

There are some new Chat Apps which work over the blockchain technology and are very safe. The privacy is almost guaranteed there until you lose your key. But all blockchain technologies have transaction costs due to the need of miners.

The problem: No one wants to pay money for a text message.

IOTA+ Chat App

The IOTA foundation has the perfect technology to send messages for free via free transactions. IOTA is not using blockchain and doesn’t need miners as it uses the tangle. Even quantum computers cannot hack the tangle. Other coins can be hacked if quantum computers will approach to hack them.

The IOTA Chat allows you to have decentralized peer-to-peer conversations. Sending messages over the tangle are absolutely private and unhacked until today.

The app, the transactions, and the messages are free.

IOTA+ beta preview

As soon as IOTA finished the development of the cubic project, we will be adding great features to the chat like paid peer-to-peer streaming transactions. The idea is that artists can sell their content like text, movie, music or live cam. Cubic will allow people to earn as other users read a book, listen to a song or watch a movie per time. You will not need to buy a full book. You will pay as much as you will read. If the book bores you after 1 hour, then there will be no problem as you will pay for only one hour. Same for music, movies, files, and other information.

This is why we build the IOTA+ app and why we implemented the IOTA tangle technology in our IOTA+ app!


We Give You Control Over Your Data And 100% Privacy For Free!

On IOTA+ Beta You Can Sell Your Data On The Go.

IOTA+ beta

start tracking your data with the IOTA+ beta app and sell them over the IOTA Data Market.